7 Tips for Using Subtractive EQ When Mixing Audio

Mix engineers and producers tools like Subtractive EQ is a boon. It is one of the finest software which will help you get some of the best and well-balanced sound for vocals.

Here are seven unique tips that will help beginners to understand the usage as well as the processes:

Boost initially and then Cut

As a beginner, you might not be sure which portion must be eliminated. To identify the nasty parts, you must look for a big boost. You need to bring them out from the woodwork. Experts have some conflicting opinions about whether you should use it or not. Sweeping the boost means to move the frequencies encompassing the spectrum, while you are searching for the unpleasant sound.

Try to use Narrow EQ

The Q here stands for the width of the cut or boost. It is the number of frequencies, you are trying to swoop at one point in time. The higher is the value of the Q, the narrower it becomes. Therefore, in this ratio, we can say 20 is a narrow while, 1 is considered as broad.

Try to use transparent EQ

As a matter of fact, beginners know that color EQ adds pleasant harmonics, smearing and is also good for cutting. The EQ utilizes a slope that’s proportional and does not becomes narrow to lessen the level of attenuation. It suggests the Q is dynamic in nature and changes according to the proportion of the cut. To combat this equation, you can use Neutron 2’s EQ in a digital mode.

Do not overdo on the level of cut

If you cut the range in a very strict manner, the sound will not be natural anymore. It will sound as being processed and chock all the unpleasant sound together.

Try Dynamic EQ

At times, no matter how hard you have tried, a direct cut leaves the sound to be lifeless. It is so because the ear is prone to listening to natural sound, any abrupt cut will make the person alert that the sound is not natural at all. With the help of dynamic EQ, the ears will listen to accurate natural sound.

Use Boost up and Shape Cuts

It takes some time to figure out how to do it. Engineers might know how to use subtractive EQ and shape the cuts easily. However, with the use of an equalizer, you can filter shapes, adjust high or low pass and a parametric notch will work according to the internal architecture.

The Takeaway

These were the seven tips to use a subtractive EQ for beginners, you can take help from the expert engineers, but it’s better to try it yourself. No matter how you curtail frequencies, it is necessary to balance the natural flow of the sound even if you have to take cuts and shape them. To have better results, make sure you utilize these tips to use the tool in the best possible way.


How to Rid Your Stress Successfully?

Stress is something that everyone suffers from in their daily life. It is the basic reason for anxiety, depression along with mental fatigue. Moreover, due to stress, good relationships take awkward turns and nothing helps later. Stress has terrible consequences and if not taken care and leads to something severely damaging in life.

We all understand and feel stress at every point in our life, but how to reduce it is what we are going to emphasize here. According to the scientific explanation, we can say that when there is stress, body dispenses some sort of chemicals. It helps to enhance muscle strength as well as energy. In situations involving fights, you gain the power to either defend yourself or flee from the place. That’s how stress energizes your mind and make you do things that you are not indulging normally.

Ways to Reduce Stress and Calm Yourself

Identify the things that stress you out: It is necessary to analyze what are the things that make you feel stressed. There will be no fight, without any reason.

Do not ignore your stress: Try to stand up to any wrong or stressful situation you face. it will help you to release the tension then and there. So, you don’t have to feel pressurized later.

Stress won’t leave all at once: A person’s daily work, emotional status, and health are the reasons for conceiving pressure. Try to recognize what worries you the most, deal with such, and you will see, you are gradually developing the art of pacifying yourself.

Avoid alcohol: People often resort to substance abuse when they are stressed out, but why? For the short-term purpose, alcohol helps to relive, but when the effect comes down and the person faces reality, everything seems to be the same place. People use alcohol as a way of stress management. But, that is not the right way at all.

Eating Right: You must know what is good and bad for your health. There is a need to reduce the intake of sugar, flour-based foods, etc. Try to eat more green vegetables and fruits. Eat the right amount and at the right time, it will help you to keep calm and your mind will be at rest.

Find some ‘ Me-time’: It is very essential to spend some time with yourself. In our hectic life and social networking routine, we have forgotten to lead a life for ourselves. Today, instead of getting stressed on people getting jobs, settling down abroad, focus on your goals and ambitions and work accordingly. Everyone as a different race and time for things to fall in the right place.

Get a good amount of Sleep: Sleep is one of the most important parts of having a good day. If you sleep for less number of hours, your mind will not be at rest and you will tend to have an edgy attitude all throughout. Therefore, have a sound sleep and rest so that your next day is energetic and much more productive.

16 Powerful Ways to Use More of Your Brain


We all know that knowledge is power. The same is true for your brain also. The brain is something that is actually responsible for controlling our lives and must learn how to train it better. This piece of writing throws light on 16 effective ways to train your brain.

Take a glance at the following points to know what are those:

1. Try Something New

Our brain always appreciates new things and that is the reason why trying something new all the time can help it boost its functioning. New hobbies, exercises, and other such factors to stimulate the brain. Thus, you must try out new things whenever possible.

2. Engage in Aerobic exercises

Aerobics is the key to effective and powerful brain functioning. If you do these exercises regularly, you will be able to live a lot healthier life than you have been living all these days. Thus, make sure you make aerobics a part of your daily life.

3. Be Curious

Curiosity has its own place in the field of brain power. Thus, being curious about little things help stimulate the brain to a great extent. It works opposite to anxiety. Hence, it’s time to wake up your inner child!

4. Think Positive

If you think positive, you will be able to live a healthier life. Negative thinking possesses a negative impact on your brain and you must get rid of it as soon as possible. Fill your life with positivity and feel the change in you!

5. Eat Healthily

Healthy eating habits are very essential to boost your brain power. Fill your diet with foods that boost brain power so that you do not lack anything in your health regime.

6. Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, it’s time you quit your bad habit. Smoking reduces brain power to a great extent, and thus the best option will be getting rid of this bad habit.

7. Read a Book

Reading calms your mind and helps you relax. It is one of the most effective ways to boost your brain power.

8. Get Enough Sleep and Rest

Sufficient rest and sleep are essential for the effective functioning of the mind. It helps you use more of your brain in times of need.

9. Listen To Soothing Music

Music doesn’t mean any music. You must try to calm your mind by listening to soulful and soothing music that will stimulate your brain and help you use more of it.

10. Mediate

Meditation is an outstanding way to calm your mind and use more of your brain.

11. Do not use calculators

Automatic calculation helps us solve problems but it makes our brain dull in the long run. Thus, try to carry out the calculations mentally.

12. Relax the Mind

Try relaxing by using various meditation techniques that will help you calm down your brain.

13. Try Brain Supplements

Brain supplements are another way by which you can help use more of your brain.

14. Be socially active on social media

Social media helps in stimulating the brain only when used optimally.

15. Quit GPS

Quit the use of GPS and try to examine directions on your own.

16. Challenge the mind

Finally, you can challenge your mind to be a better version of yourself.

Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence


No one is born with limitless self-esteem. There are ways to improve ourselves and we must seek those techniques which help us improve our self-esteem. This piece of writing throws light on how to build self confidence. Here we are going to discuss ways by which you can enhance your self-esteem, and how is it going to help you for the rest of your life in the long run. Read on to know more.

Visualize yourself as you want to be

Picturing yourself as you want to be is the ideal way to build your self-confidence. Learn to visualize yourself as someone who you would like to become in the future. This helps in situations when one feels down in life. Portraying yourself in a better version of yourself will help you grow that lacking confidence which is necessary in order to build your self-esteem. If you are on a pursuit to achieving your goals in life, this is the only way to make it turn into a reality. Therefore, start practising by visualizing the better version of you to make all your dreams come true.

Do one thing that scares you every day

We are the people who are scared to face their fears in life. But, that is not the way to achieve your goals in life. In order to make your dreams come true, you must learn how to face your fears. To only way to make it happen is by doing one thing every day that scares you. This is the only way by which you can face your fears. Do that task you have been leaving pending for weeks due to the tiresome workload. Step out of your comfort zone and you will be able to gain confidence from each experience.

Help Someone Else

The confidence and feeling of satisfaction that you are likely to get by helping others is something that is going to shape your personality and help you grow in your life. This way you will be able to feel grateful for who you are. Learn to teach someone little values that have been helping you since childhood. Engage in social work. Help your parents with financial issues. Help your boss manage the excess workload. By doing little things and taking little steps by helping others will help you boost your inner hidden self-esteem which is extremely beneficial for you to grow in life.

Care for yourself

Who doesn’t love to appreciate their self in front of the mirror? By taking good care of your health, you will not only build a better appearance but will also develop an added sense of confidence when others will appreciate your look. Furthermore, other than looking good you must also take care of your self.

Learn to maintain your sleep time and improve your eating habits. Healthy food will also provide you with a healthy mind. And, it will help you clear your mind and develop better ideas when needed. Thus, make sure to care about yourself and your health to develop better self-confidence.

Bottom Line

These are the steps by which you can increase your self-confidence. Other than these steps there are a number of ways like appreciating yourself, caring for others, affirming yourself, exercising and all such factors which can help you grow confidence like never before.

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How Can You Develop Better EQ?

Emotional intelligence is known as EI or EQ, is one of the powerful indicators of business success. Do you know why? As a matter of fact, EQ is the capability to identify and manage our emotions, but it is empowering a person to understand others emotions as well. When you understand others, you can also make sure that you do not fall in the same trap.

Here are five straight ways in which you can enhance your IQ:

Managing negative emotions:

If a person can develop the power to manage negative emotions, then it is true that they will become less overwhelmed. Even during upset situations, you can keep your calm and not take hush decisions. With high EQ you can look into the circumstances in several different ways.

Be careful about the vocabulary:

For developing a better EQ, it is essential to have a good command over the communicating language in your workplace as well as life. People, who are emotionally intelligent will undoubtedly be able to grasp any situation and address them with complete authority. Pinpointing issues will empower a person to have a powerful possibility of discussing them and instead of just boiling on it.

The practice of Empathy:

If you are a person who is focused because of verbal and non-verbal signals, it can bring a negative impact on your personal profile. If you can practice focusing on others and walking in their shoes, it will make you realize the essence of the event. Unless and until you start empathizing with people, it will be very difficult for you to understand other’s situations.

Know Your Stressors:

It is essential to list out what are the things that make you feel stressed out or maybe provocate you within a few mins of happening. If you know about your stress issues, then you can easily combat them accordingly. You know that looking at email will blow your mind, then stop doing that. Cease doing everything that makes you feel sad and morose.

Bounce back from the adverse activity:

Everyone in this life has faced some or the other kind of encounter. What matters is how you are responding to these challenges, that either sets you up or throws you in a complete meltdown mode. What makes you come back from adversity? It is nothing but optimism and seeking answers to constructive questions about the challenges. If you can build a high level of emotional intelligence, you can not only prosper in work life but also have a sound personal life.

Bottom line

Emotional intelligence can easily develop over time, with respect to how you can face the challenge and cover them. It takes time to have a proper EQ, but once you get close to it, life will become easy for you. The early you reap, the quicker you will reap the benefits. Today, if you develop a congenial relationship, emotional intelligence will help you a lot to maintain that. Help yourself to become a thoroughly skillful human being.

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How to Generate Automated Income Online?


These days, with such a progressive job environment, the need for passive income almost became a necessity. It might seem effortless in the first place, but it needs a lot of effort and dedication to generate automated income online.

But, as you go along with the process, the method might seem easier and you will see yourself generating the income effortlessly. True financial income will convert into a massive amount if you can apply the tactics easily and understand the key to generate passive income online. Here are the techniques by which you can generate automated income online. Read on to know more.

Start a Blog

The best way to generate passive income online is by starting a blog. You might witness a lot of hurdles in the beginning, but over time the process will seem easier to you and you will be able to generate income like never before. First, there will be no income, but if you stick along with the norms, you will be the ideal person to generate maximum revenue. But, there are certain steps that you need to keep in mind before starting a blog. You need to know which are the genres that rule the market. Some blogs that are capable of generating maximum revenue are as follows:

  • Dating and relationship blog
  • Diet and fitness blog
  • Finance related blogs

Do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to generate passive income online. Now, this totally depends on the dimension of your list. The size and amount matters when it comes to your list. If you are on a pursuit to generate massive income, you can do it by autopilot method. But, make sure to keep in mind that list building requires time and it doesn’t happen overnight. Plus, to save yourself from becoming obsolete, you need to add value to your list. If you can keep in the mind the basics, no one can stop you from being rich by this particular means.

Write an E-Book

E-books are one of the best sources of passive income. Plus, the process is simple and you can do that simply by publishing an E-book on Amazon’s KDP. Furthermore, if you want, you can also build yourself a book funnel. But, make sure to keep one thing in mind that book funnels are impressive but it won’t help you generate so much of the passive income online. However, if you don’t want to engage yourself in all of these, you can simply write a book and publish it in order to collect your automated income online.

Create an information product funnel

Sales funnels are extremely powerful. They are the best way to help you generate income over the internet if the configuration is done properly. Furthermore, if the configuration is perfect, they also can be esasily scaled. You can always source out effectively, but you need to understand the Facebook ads and conversion optimizations in order to generate a solid income from a sales funnel.